Would anyone recommend these kingstons?

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  1. There's a seller at anandtech's for sale forum selling i3 530 kits for $200 that include 4 gigs of ddr3, Intel 1156 board, 530 cpu (retail boxed), and 250 gb hardrive. I don't know if he will ship to Canada. For the kingston ram, it should work fine.
  2. i've got absolutely nothing bad to say about kingston, but haven't tried their ddr3 as i don't have a mobo to support it. I think canadacomputers.com is the same as compusa... looking at the web layout, discount setups, and pricing.... is canadacomputers.com your version of tigerdirect now?

    Not a bad price for 6 ghz of 1600 ddr3 though.
    that's way over my budget lol. Be sure your Mobo and op system can support it :/ if you're working on a small budget gaming rig... what's small??? 2,000? Are you planning on playing every new game that comes out in 60fps at 1080?

    If you've got win in 64 bit, i think most "budget" 200 dollar or less mobo's are able to support 16 ghz of ram... but anything in 32 the max is 8. 6 in vista means 2.5 of it gets robbed (dunno what 7 does to ram).

    just my two cents for free... i'm REALLY on a budget lol
  3. well, i just bought an i7 940 for 200US.. so im pretty much forced to make a computer ( price was too good to pass lol). everything else i need to assemble a computer would fall under "budget". thing is with these new operating systems i want to treat myself to 6gb ram. no more no less. This way ill take advantage over the tripple channel provided by the 1366motherboards and i know ill be in the game for like another 5 years solid.

    im currently on a 3800+ AMD lol 1.5gb ram DDR1. etc... ive been on this pc since 06 or 07. cant remember. now that sc2 is coming out, i want to be sure i can play the games at 1600x1400 ( cant remember the specific resolution) flawlessly.
  4. yup, great pickup on the cpu! I've got that same amd chip on a DDr2 board that I can upgrade to dual core, so i get to stay really low on my budget lol. 80 dollars for the chip and i'm done. That ram should serve you just fine, just be sure that the mobo supports not only the chip, but the exact type of ram you're buying. If you're building from the ground up, I'd definately get a 64 bit OS. Vista 32 is killing me right now.
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