2700 DDR memory on 3200 DDR motherboard

If a Compaq Presario SR1901 computer takes 3200 memory, can 2700 memory work on the motherboard?
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  1. if it fits, it may, depending on the bios. if you've got it in your hand... put it in and boot up. depends on motherboard and bios. check it next to the "old" ram and if the slot is the same, it should. when your computer starts, f2 to see the bios and check what the bios reads as ram. if it says "however many mb" of ram is correct, then yes, it's working.

    if it doesn't work, the computer won't boot. no worries, put in your old ram and reboot.

    P.s. do all of the chip handling with the power off!
  2. Typically 3200 DIMM slots are backwards compatible with 2700
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