PC Starts up and shuts off right away

I just put this together 2 months ago and everything was fine till today. PC went into standby mode and when it came back it shut down. Went to turn it on it shut down again

I unplugged the power connector to the CPU the 12V connection and it started up like normal. Plugged it back in and it shut down.

Running a XFX Black 850W Power Supply on a ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard.
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  1. Sounds like a motherboard issue to me.
  2. Ouch. Only 2months old. First time I've gone back to ASUS too. Looks like I need to make a phone call tomorrow.
  3. any update? did you try an old psu to make sure it's not the supply? or vice versa?
  4. JoshBaity is correct. First check the psu.
    If that's not the problem, I think it's the mobo too
  5. I don't have another PSU readily available atm. I just know the entire system at least powers on when the 12V Connector isn't plugged in near the CPU. It turns on and stays on. I might have to take the PSU out of my other PC which is what I was going to use, but that one didn't post after being off for 2 months. Have to take a look at the one after work. Unplug the Vid cards and see if it turns back on.
  6. I understand but you cannot have your system running without the 12v connector as it delivers extra power to the cpu when it gets stressed a lot.
  7. That I understand because when I first put this together I forgot to plug it in since it was in the way and nothing started up.

    I just don't have anything lying around atm to plug it in with since I got the old machine that wasn't booting to power up again and run. I'll post back when I get back as soon as I get some news

    Disconnected the working pc hooked up it's power to the non-functional computer and it powers off with the 12V connected as well.
  8. So you tried with another PSU and everthings runs fine?
  9. Same issue 12V connector shuts down the system. ASUS is RMA'ing my mobo
  10. Then it looks like a motherboard issue indeed.
    Can't you change in the mobo at the shop where you bought it? I guess that would be a lot easier and quicker, no?
  11. Nils said:
    I understand but you cannot have your system running without the 12v connector as it delivers extra power to the cpu when it gets stressed a lot.

  12. jsc said:

    As his pc boots without the 12v connector, it's not needed when running at low cpu load. You'll only get into trouble when the pc gets stressed. I know that when the 12v connector is plugged in, power will also be drained from it, but I just meant ist only NEEDED when under stress.
  13. Doing a lot of gaming probably would put the stress on.

    Downside right now...still no motherboard. Asus said they would do an advanced replacement on it. Ship a motherboard, then I ship the defective one back. I finally called them back and they said they declined the advanced replacement after approving me for it. No one bothered to tell me about this change. Calls to anyone who can explain this remain unanswered.

    Last build for me with any Asus parts thanks to their wonderful customer service.
  14. They sent me another motherboard. This one worked for less than 2 weeks. Going to see about getting my money back.
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