Recent Windows Security Updates (10/11/11) Causing BSOD

Hi Everyone,

I've been getting calls from users saying that the most recent round of security updates is causing their systems to crash. After uninstalling them the issue usually goes away, however some systems are left un-bootable. I don't have too many details other than I've seen it happen on a Intel chipset running Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.

If anyone else has encountered this issue or knows more about it, feel free to post your details in this thread. So far this problem seems to be going under the google radar.
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  1. Another detail to add, on a system running Windows 7 Home Premium x64. The system installed the updates and after restarting, it hangs during the boot with this error:

    Fatal error C019003 applying update operation 2472 of 11876 (Display.dll)
  2. I've had problems with updates in the past, but not this time. I have win 7 ultimate x64. The last few months my updates would install, but I would get a bunch of these errors (CAPI2) in the event log.
  3. Check the Microsucks support forums to see/post details on any known update issues.
  4. I had the same issue after the latest round of updates. After restarting in safe mode to have win7 uninstall the updates, I am only able to register a keystroke or two to enter my password before the physical keyboard stops responding. I can login under the guest account without a password and then switch users (not logging off the guest), and I am then able to type the password just fine. However, the computer locks up if I try to shut down or the screen goes black if I try to log back in to the guest account. If I revert to the pre-update configuration, the keyboard issue still persists and I have to do a complete recovery for the problem to go away.
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