PSU for i7+5970 CF

Is Corsair 850TX enough for core i7 930 and 5970 crossfire? If not, please suggest a suitable one. I won't be overclocking much.

Also what is the difference between TX and HX series?
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  1. by 5970, you mean 2 5970's in crossfire?

    The HX is basically the same thing as the TX but the HX has a little better efficiency, has modular cables and build with better parts. Not to say that the TX is built with bad parts, because it is not. Both are GREAT PSU's but the HX has better cable management and slightly better features.
  2. Yes i mean 2 5970s in 4-way crossfire.
  3. Well, here's the specs for a 5970 vid card... Since you are going with a quality brand like Corsair, i would say that 850 is enough to power 2 of them no problem...

    650 Watt or greater power supply one 75W 6-pin and one 150W 8-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended (850 Watt with two 75W 6-pin and two 150W 8-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX technology in dual mode)
  4. I'd get a HX1000w just to be safe...
  5. The 850W recommendation for a pair of HD5970 GPUs supposedly takes into account that some PSUs are crappy (and not really good for 850W), so an 850W Corsair should have no trouble at all with two of them.
  6. That dosen't mean that they take into consideration 5 years of degradation, additional massive drive setups, or multiple hgh cfm fans...

    I have 5 WDB 1 TB drives, 3x 120mm fans, 3x 240mm fans, 1x 120mm 120CFM fan, and a dvd drive, and they are not exactly that low of a power use..

    not to mention I may add in some sas 10k drives and a raid 5 card in some day with some ssds....

    and I plan to use my psu for 5 years + though at least 2 builds or if not more
  7. theholylancer has a point, so it's a case of planning ahead a little.

    Work out what you're likely to add to the system in the future and go from there, however hard drives and high CFM fans don't add too much to system draw, so if you have enough headroom with a Corsair 850W then you should be fine.

    You could always go middle ground and get a Corsair TX950W if all the bugs with new Asus motherboards have been worked out (what was the deal with that anyway?)
  8. LePhuronn - Asus made a design change in a couple of their newest motherboards last year that triggered a really weird compatability issue with the TX950. Corsair and Asus had to work together to figure it out. The fix required a design change in the TX950. Corsair made the changes. I think it is the first time anything like that has ever happened. The typical compatibility issue usually involves memory.
  9. "Is Corsair 850TX enough for core i7 930 and 5970 crossfire?"

    I would play safe with Corsair HX1000W.

    "Also what is the difference between TX and HX series?"

    Modular cables and fan controller.
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