hows it going guys recently ive bought my computer parts and started to build it ive posted all parts that ive got on the bottom of this page. ive installed everything correctly and all the power connections. but the moment i turn on my pc all the mobo lights turn on and work perfectly the hardrive makes its little noise as usuall but the cpu does not turn on and there are no cpu beeps or noises to say that it is working. could the cpu be dead? ive checked the ram as well and removed all but 1 to check if that was the problem i removed my video card but that doesnt change anything ive checked the power supply thoroughly and it all works could anyone help me out? i want to double check if it is the cpu so i can send it back to newegg for a replacement


Intel Core i7-920 Bloomfield 2.66GHz
ASUS P6X58D Premium
sapphire 850 xt (i know its old im waiting for the new super overclocked version of the hd 5970 tp come out)
Intel X25-M Mainstream SSDSA2M080G2XXX
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ

Extra Info: when i received the i7 it had no plastic protector covering the back of the cpu and it looked opened as well like it was used before i got it
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  1. is there a beep code given off when you turn your PC on?
    I'm assuming its failing to post
    I don't know about yours, but my old PC, the beep code for a dead CPU was 7 Short Beeps
  2. You may not hear a "Beep" for other reasons - namely make sure either the mobo or case has a speaker of some sort otherwise you wont hear a thing !!

    If you suspect the CPU was a used or second hand item return it to the shop you bought it from.

    Im pretty sure that the i7 boards wont boot with just 1 x stick of RAM (feel free to correct me if anyone knows different)

    You could try removing the mobo battery for a few minutes to clear any settings. Then on a clean surface that is non conductive connect the components outside the case (sometimes called bench testing) - making sure every connector to the mobo is secure and the same with the video card (often gets overlooked)

    Definately find a small PC cases speaker to connect the the speaker header on the mobo
  3. yea everything is connected ive tried the ram thing over and over i even took out the video card but nothing even with everything hooked up the cpu fan turned on and everything i even took out the cpu and carefully examined it and it was placed and held down correctly and still no sound and no boot up whatsoever
  4. ive read online though that newegg sometimes sends out cpu's in very bad condition to people theres even been 1 incident where they sent someone a fake cpu i know it might not be entirely their fault but im pretty pissed that i paid almost 300 dollars for a used cpu
  5. does the monitor even turn on?
    anything occur like that?
    it would be really funny if it was just the DVI cable not plugged in all the way and screwed down (i've had that happen to a friend)
  6. lol i wish it was that yea it was plugged in all the way i disconnected a 100 times and put it back and nothing showed i even used my old hardrive to see if it was the new blank hardrives causing the trouble i gave up already i sent the cpu back and i pray that i get a good one not used or refurbished by newegg
  7. good luck
    i hope it works out well
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