New Computer does not work with Win XP??

Hey guys,

so finally I build my own computer. First I thought I get a win 7 key from my brother but unfortunatelly the key did not work, so I decided to use win XP until November or something then I will get win 8.

So yesterday I tried to install win XP and it seems to me that one part does not work with win xp?
But can somebody confirm that?

My Hardware:

Mobo: AsRock Pro4
CPU: I5 2500K
GPU: HD Radeon 7850
SSD: Samsung 830 128 GB
HDD: Spinpoint F3

Thank's for your help!
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  1. The only thing I see not working is you trying to get a key from your brother. Microsoft and their partners provide keys, not family members. Use a genuine copy of windows.
  2. well he gets keys from the university so I can use one...
  3. Windows 7 should work fine. For XP, make sure you have the necessary drivers for it first.
  4. Exterminans said:
    well he gets keys from the university so I can use one...

    Those keys are normally not transferable and belong to the university.

    Not to put too fine a point on it but unless the university gives him express permission to distribute the keys outside university to family/friends: it's still theft. Just a different flavor of it.
  5. Assuming that you do get a valid XP key, try to get your hands on an XP SP3 installation disk, or build one on another computer using slipstreaming ( ) . This may give you the drivers that you need per Hawkeye22.
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