Do i need an 8 pin adapter??

I have a Gigabyte EX58-UD5 motherboard. the cpu power connector is an 8 pin one, my power supply only has the 4 pin. I know the 4 pin will fit in but I dont know if its ok for my system. Im going to be using an i7 920.

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  1. Most motherboards will run fine on a 4 pin connector at least my GIgabyte says it is fine in the manual.
  2. Yea same thats what i thought but some places say otherwise. especially for higher powered cpu's
  3. 8 Pin connector is recommended/required for Proc that are => 125/130 Watts. The i7-920 is listed as a 130 Watt CPU. If you're going to OC (above a mild OC) that baby, I would recommend the 8 Pin. At stock, or mild OC, the 4 pin should be OK.

    The diff between the 4 Pin and the 8 pin is pimarily in the IR drop on the individual pins on the motherboard connector.
  4. aye cool. I think ill get one anyway. just in case.

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