Just ordered my HD5850 :-D Couple questions.

Hey all! As my thread title says, I've just ordered a 5850. Super excited :-D My first ATI card in years. Anyway, once it comes in I plan to post my EVGA 9800GT on Craigslist what do you fine people think a fair price would be to try and sell it for? Also, the 5850 comes with the Dirt 2 download coupon. I've never really been into racing games, should I try and sell it for a quick $20 or would it be worth keeping to check out DX11 even though I probably will only play it once or twice? Thanks in advance :-D
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  1. There's no notable DX11 features in Dirt 2.
    A fair price for graphics cards is usually half the current MSRP.
    Since most 9800GT's on Newegg are $100 I'd say sell it for $50.
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    Keep the Dirt2 coupon and use it, I hate racing games mostly but I've gotten to where I play Dirt2 pretty often :]
    And if I remember correctly it's illegal to sell the key so you don't have much of a choice lol.
    Since the stock clocked EVGA 9800 GT is $120 on newegg I would say sell it for about $75 or $85 if it's OCed.
  3. Thanks very much for the replies guys. I'll probably start out around $75 and take offers. Looks like I'll keep Dirt 2 then lol, don't wanna sell something if it's Illegal. Psycho, what do my computer specs have to do with my questions? Just curious or something?
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    Curious how well your going to run the 5850. IMO only people with overclocked I5's, I7's and X4's should invest in a 5850 and higher

    My XFX Radeon HD 5850 Black Edition runs great with my Core 2 Quad Q9400 :D
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    Curious how well your going to run the 5850. IMO only people with overclocked I5's, I7's and X4's should invest in a 5850 and higher

    Ah I see, well my specs are a Phenom II x4 940, 4GB DDR2800, ASRock K10N750SLI-110dB MOBO, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional, 1000 Watt PSU, Windows7 Home Premium 64 Bit, and hopefully by this Wednesday my SAPPHIRE HD5850 will have arrived. I'm just hoping my Chemo treatment hasn't left me too tired to install it. I've been upgrading for the past few months and I always by chance have my newest part delivered on my last day of treatment :-/ I really wanted the Phenom II X4 965, unfortunately the 940 was the highest CPU my motherboard supported and I just couldn't bring myself to buy a new motherboard for the extra 400 Mhz. Plus I would have had to invest in new ram, it would have been pointless to upgrade a mobo and not go with DDR3. Overall I'm happy with what I've turned my rig into. My last CPU was a cheapy Athlon X2 5000. So the 940 was quite an upgrade :-D Anyway, now that I've given my specs Psycho how well should I expect my new card to run? :bounce:
  6. Don't worry, the Phenom II X4 940 is plenty power, even at stock.
  7. Sweet, I'm excited. This is the most I've ever spent on just a GPU. It's funny that for just one part for my comp was the same price as my PS3. :-D Now to start saving up for the DX11 games coming out. I'm mostly looking forward to Aliens vs Predator, Crysis 2, and Mass Effect 2. What about you guys?
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