What CPU, mobo and RAM to upgrade to for N275GTX OC

Hi guys,

I have old Pentium D930 with Intel mobo D955XBK, 2G of OCZ RAM @ 667MHz, X275GTX OC, Raptor HD, and a 700W PSU - To play Battlefield BC2 game... Do you think upgrading CPU, mobo and RAM would make huge difference? Right now I can play the game with all settings set to low at 780x640 @85 MHz settings and its still choppy at times. Do you think upgrading to i5 750, P55 Evo/SuperComputer mobo + some decent RAM would make huge improvement in FPS and game play overall?

I use Samsung SyncMaster 19 inch CRT Flat screen, with all the latest drivers/firmware for all components. OS is Win XP MC. Do you think if I update my OS to W7 Pro w/o updating CPU, mobo and ram would make difference (haha I know silly question, but wanted to ask experts). or if I update CPU, mobo and RAM and keep XP would be okay? I don't want to spend too much on PC again But want a decent setup so it'll last at least 2 years. Current setup lasted me 4 years, I only upgraded my video and PSU a few month back.

My current specs:
2G of OCZ RAM @ 667 MHz
WD Raptor (1) + Caviar (2)
X-Fi Xtreme Audio
700W PSU
N275 GTX Twin Frozr OC
Plextor DVD (don't remember which one, but its decent)
Game is on steam though.

Thank you guys!
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  1. Pentium D series chips were notoriously hot running and not very efficient despite the second core. They are based on the old netburst achitecture that was nearly always outclassed by AMD 64's.

    Upgrading to an i5 or an i7 would be a big jump in perofrmance (even C2D would be too). If you can stretch your budget to an i7 920 then you will have a slight performance increase over the i5's. However the i5 is a very good CPU - and overclocks well too.

    Minimum you will need to upgrade :-


    the other items from your existing rig will work fine - if you do upgrade then I would certainly look at Windows 7 instead of XP - and bear in mind if you use more than 3gb of RAM then you need the 64 bit version
  2. If you want to reuse the RAM you can get a AM2+ mobo and any Phenom II/Athlon II CPU.
    The Athlon II X4 630 is a great choice.
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