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I'm looking for an HTPC-style case that fits a mini-ITX board and has room for 2x 3.5", 1x 5.25" external, 1x 2.5" drives. Of course, more 5.25" with adapters are always fine. It doesn't have to be an actual HTPC case, it should just be small and quiet.

For example, I like the LIAN LI PC-V351 , but can't seem to find any other shapes - this case is very square. A flatter shaped alternative would be great.

As a bonus it would be fantastic if the case had 3x external 5.25" bays, so I could put the 3.5" drives in mobile racks, or if the bays were easily accessible for replacements.

If it looked good that would be very welcome ;)

Budget would be $150 for a great case.

Thanks for your input!
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    I have been looking to build an HTPC myself and was looking at a Thermaltake Mozart Media case it is a nice size and looks cool and its cheap.
  2. i like that one better than the one i posted

    though i have a mid tower as my HTPC, needed room for hot swap sata bays with 9 HDD's and 1 ODD
  3. Yeah, I like it too! Lots of bays for such a compact case, and it looks great. Thanks a lot!

    @Mindless: A tower would be an option, actually, as long as it's not too bulky. For the same reasons you have - more drives, proper RAID5 etc. I'm still on the fence. Which one do you use?
  4. your welcome
  5. well the tower i have is not small, its actually slightly bigger than my gaming computer

    but i am ok with that
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  7. I ended up buying a fairly cheap Rosewill case. Still waiting for some components, so can't say anything about it..

    The reason I went with a smallish tower is that I figured out I would not have enough space to keep it near the TV otherwise.

    Thanks for your answers!
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