Bad Power Supply?

I recently built my own computer a little over a month ago and it's not working anymore. I'm 99% certain its the cheap power supply I got just because I couldn't wait any longer for the money to get an actually decent PSU. I wanted to be sure its the power supply thats the problem and I don't have a tester or here is what's been happening: About 5 days ago I would turn on the computer and it would start up for a couple seconds then shut off, so I tried unplugging everything and then re-wiring it and it still didn't work. I checked everything from the RAM to any possible bad connections and everything looked fine. In frustration I jiggled the power supply a little and tried to turn it on and it worked. I did this for the next few days until it just didn't start up anymore. It's done. I was wondering if someone could tell me if this sounds like a cheap power supply problem or something worse. Thanks alot.
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  1. The specs of my machine are:
    ATI Radeon 5750 Graphics card 1GB
    Samsung 1TB hard drive 7200rpm
    2.6ghz quad core i5
    4GB RAM
    a link to the 575W power supply:
  2. oh yea and if it matters i have windows7 64bit
  3. crap power supply its 2 steps below ***
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    REPLACE THE PSU, and hope you have not damaged your other computer parts!!! do not even try booting it again Period.

    The PSU is NOT a place to shrimp on cost!!

    (1) 22 buck for a 575 W PSU should have hit like a ton of brick, if not then the 142 out of 443 people who gave that PSU a rating of 3 or lower "eggs" (25% 1 and 2 eggs)
    (2) A 575 Watt is way more power than you need. A i5-750 OCed, 5770 GPU, 2 HDDs, a SSD, a DVD writer and one Blu-ray writer only draws about 300 W Under full load, little over 100 Watts at idle. Newegg currently has the corsair 400 Watt on sale for 50 Bucks (w/10 MIR). AN Outstanding Company). Bought this for my wife's low end build.

    Another, lower rated than corsair, but not junk either

    I'm not normally this harsh, as I know money can be a desiding factor, But on the same token - Never forgot what my Pop said when I blew it. "Sympathy can be found in the dictionary between shi_ and Syphilis"
  5. Thank you very much for the information, I went with the Corsair earlier today so that should come within a few days. I knew full well what I was doing getting that cheap power supply but I did it anyway even though I should have just waited. Do you think there could be any permanent damage to any of my other components?
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  7. Possible, Hopefully Not. But Will know when you put the New PSU in. Here's hoping for the best.
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