Samsung 950p (19" CRT)

I've come across an older model from Samsung, called the the Psyncmaster 950p. It uses shadowmask technology. I've read reviews from users in several forums that say this one was (is) a very good monitor, that it outperforms the current appeture-grill models from sony, viewsonic, nec and samsung with clearer text, better color and geometry.

Does anyone have experience (comments) about this model. Or know the difference between the 950p and the 950b?


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  1. I recently bought one of those types of monitors. It is a good monitor, and if you're considering buying one, I would very highly recommend checking to see if the video cable is removable and if it has composite inputs. The most important is the video cable, though. My particular version of the 950p does *not* have a replacable video cable, and it is in my opinion not shielded properly, and leaves noticible ghosting onscreen. If it were replacable, I could swap the thinner cable for a more thickly shielded one that I have, and the problem would be gone.
    If the cable is not removable, I wouldnt' recommend buying it.
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