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In a mixed Win2000 and WinXP Pro Peer network? I have a small workgroup that was previously all Win2000 (3 computers). I have recently swapped out one Win2000 Box for a WinXP Pro box and added a new WinXP Pro Box.

In the old all Win2000 setup, I did not have NetBios running and all three machines could see one another and map drives etc.

BTW they are all connected to one another on a simple Hub.

However the new setup (2 Win2000 and 2 WinXP Pro's) is struggling. I gave the new XP boxes the same network setup as the Win2000. I use fixed IP Addresses with TCP/IP. Client for MS Networks and file and print sharing enabled on all, all HD's are set for share. But one of my new XP machines can not see the network, it however is seen by the other machines and it's drive has been successfully mapped by the other three.

I had a guy look at my setup and he said I had to have NetBios enabled, but I've never had NetBios before with the all Win2000 peer network. Why would I have to have NetBios because it is now a mixed network (Win2000)?

Shouldn't the peer net work with just TCP/IP?
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  1. Shouldn't the peer net work with just TCP/IP?

    - yes counter-strike game server -
    now featuring valve security module!
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