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Drivers Driving me Crazy, Cannot find specified file

Im having a hell of a time with windows drivers.

I cant get a usb hub to install and some other devices.

For example, I had a usb hub installed (a second one was attached to monitor /monitor has usb hub) once i disconnect it and plug it back in, it suddenly, doesnt have driver or cant install driver.

What ive tried ?

At least everything commonly you are supposed to, like unplug, reboot, plug in. Remove device drivers, uninstall. Try different usb hub, check mobo drivers, check make sure new bios ,

Driver sweeper, doesnt find any drivers to get rid of

Drivereasy and Driver Genius on running after removing doesnt find any drivers that i dont have, that i should have that fix this.

Everytime I try to install this USB HUB for example, I get, NO DRIVER INSTALL (In windows autoatmic install)

if i do it manually ---


Windows UPDATE --

Windows could not find the driver software for your device.

Tried manually browsing and install from system32

-> Generic USB

Windows found driver software for your device but encountere3d an error while attempting to install it.

-> The system cannot find the file specified

I am so tired of the solution always having to be reinstall /clean install, because theres always some completely different problem that requires a reinstall. This is just chaos dealing with this all the time. god damn. help me.


Property Value
Manufacturer MSI
Product Name MS-7681
Version 1.0/2.0
PC System Type Desktop
Infrared (IR) Supported No
DMI System UUID 00000000-00000000-00006C62-6DEE2500
UUID 00000000-0000-0000-0000-6C626DEE2500

Windows System Assessment
CPU Score 7.50 (Calculations per second)
Memory Score 7.60 (Memory operations per second)
Graphics Score 7.60 (Desktop performance for Windows Aero)
D3D Score 7.60 (3D business and gaming graphics performance)
Disk Score 5.70 (Disk data transfer rate)
Windows Experience Index 5.70 (Base score)

Disk Space Disk C: 55 GB Available, 110 GB Total, 55 GB Free
Disk D: 82 MB Available, 100 MB Total, 82 MB Free
Disk E: 44 GB Available, 219 GB Total, 44 GB Free
Disk F: 0 MB Available, 2656 MB Total, 0 MB Free
Disk O: 311 GB Available, 931 GB Total, 311 GB Free

Physical Memory 8161 MB Total, 4818 MB Free
Memory Load 40%

Virtual Memory 24479 MB Total, 20742 MB Free

PageFile Name E:\pagefile.sys
PageFile Size 8160 MB
In use 101 MB
Max used 116 MB

PageFile Name O:\pagefile.sys
PageFile Size 8160 MB
In use 104 MB
Max used 116 MB
Registry Size 217 MB (current), 2048 MB (maximum)

Profile GUID {846ee340-7039-11de-9d20-806e6f6e6963}

The system clock interval 15 ms
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    Hi blackacidevil, your having a right "MARE" as we say here in Blighty :-)

    So, common problems I have come across when using multiple USB hubs / devices.

    OK, correct me if I'm wrong, but are all your hubs powered? If not, when you create a chain, this could be overloading the USB bus for that/those ports and causing your problems.

    So, I would try connecting just one hub and see if works ( again, is it powered or powers off USB port itself? ), then connect devices to this hub ( if correctly identified ) one at a time to see if all devices work correctly ( again!, are these devices powering off the hub?, which is powering off the USB port!!! ).

    When ever you attach a device which causes the hub to fail, disconnect ( obviously ) and try in another USB port, but not in hub, if device functions OK, the quite possibly drawing power from hub and overloading.

    Some motherboards allow a setting via jumper ( usually ) to change the USB voltage from 5v to 12v, maybe!; you would have to check your motherboard spec to see if this is possible.

    Install one hub at a time, and one device at a time, and ensure all is working well before attaching another device or hub.

    In relation to hub on monitor, have never had success with these, then again my experience is limited. You may just be overloading its ability to power multiple devices!

    Good luck and keep thread updated :-)

    PS, some USB chains will always fail, don't ask me why this is just my experience. remove the offending item from chain then continue!

    PPS, check that each device is identified and installs correctly on motherboard USB before connecting to a hub!

    PPPS, take monitor hub out of equation to begin with and see how you get on, this may be the root of your problem.
  2. awesome.. thanks for the help.
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