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I got an old computer with an intel i845 MB and pentium 4 proc.Problem is that it does not boot on first attempt and i have to wait for some 15 minutes before it responds to the power button(MB LED is lit all the time so it's probably not an MB fault). I have checked all the cables and all are correct but still this problem doesnt go away.specs:-
P4 2a GHz
128 x 2 DDR memory
built in video memory
Intel 845GVSR MB
125W PSU.
Can anybody tell me the problem and solution. I need it at the earliest possible or i am going to be in hot waters
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  1. 125w ps. 250w is the minimum I would use with any system. If your ps is so old that you're not sure what format it is, take it out and check the label and connections. Go to for ideas. I recommend antec or ocz for value brands.
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