Need a cooling solution.

Current Specs :

Intel i7 2600 ( 10 months old )
GTX 560 Ti ( brand new )
CM 690 II Advanced Nvidia edition Case
( Brand new )

Using stock CPU fan .(
1. Need a best 100$ solution for the CPU

Windows 8 consumer preview + DoTA 2 heats my cpu over 65 degree celcius ( all low Graphics setting and aspect ratio and resolution ) and my brand new GTX 560 Ti locks on 50 degree celsius.

While assembling my PC recently i did a bad mistake of not putting the CPU fan on properly and let my CPU heat for over 85 degree celsius for over few minutes , and iam assuming that my CPU tends to over heat now without much usage*

Like i mentioned i use windows 8 , and just Opening Skype (Skype when Idle no calls ) shows CPU usage go 14% from 1% and the temperature goes from 38-40 Degree to 50~55 Degree.

Iam Planning to replace my CPU with a i7 3770K ( ivy bridge ) , being a processor that consumes low power means its safer from over heating ??? ( need some one to clarify if this is a good selection )

and back to topic here are the pics of my Assembly i need to know the best fan arrangement ( blow / suck )

TOP LEFT FAN 140 mm << OUT FLOW >>
TOP RIGHT FAN 120 mm <<OUT FLOW >> ( SOON 140 mm Replacing )
REAR 120 mm <<OUT FLOW >>
FRONT 140 mm << IN FLOW >>
Bottom Left 120 mm << IN FLOW>> ( 140 mm REplacement soon )
Bottom Right << EMPTY , NOT Sure if Putting a 140 mm on left side would allow a 120 mm to fit in >>

BTW from the picture you can see that the graphics card is a GTX 560 TI ( GIGABYTE 2X WINDFORCE ) version 1gb ddr5 also runs hot (idle 40 and dota 2 at low settings 50~ 58 ) so i need some solutions for this problem also

Thank you in advance for any help offered :)
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  1. Well, the main problem I see is that lame cooler intel keeps packaging with their CPUs. I'll give ya a couple of cooling solutions. I would recommend the H100, but it seems that quite a few people are having trouble with 'em.

    Noctua NH-D14

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

    Cooler Master V8

  2. There's no point of upgrading to a 3770K.

    65C is perfectly fine for the CPU, sandybridge can handle up to 95C.

    50C is perfectly fine for the GPU, GF chips can handle up to 105C.
  3. 50C at load is actually pretty low for a video card; most people see them at least 55-60C load...usually between 65-70C at load.

    Idle and load temps are both equally dependent upon ambient room temp and case airflow.
  4. Get high quality fans (NOCTUA is the best I have owned so far) and dust filters on your intakes.
    I can see your case is a little dusty, the filters really work well.
    I hardly have to clean my case any more.
    Plus it is easier to see when your filter needs cleaning than the inside of a metal box.

    Your temps seem reasonable.
    Unless one is planning to max overclock, I think most of the monster tower coolers are overkill. I am using a downdraft heatsink w/ a 92mm fan and 4 heatpipes. My overclocked CPU never goes over 60C.
  5. I have gotten a H100 corsair :D and I used a right angle diagonal air flow theory

    the h100 is on top of the case blowing air out and the rear fan 120 m blows air out
    ( Right angle )

    there is 2 120 mm fan bottom and a front fan 140 mm blowing air in ( right angle)

    and the diagonal air flow and exhause passes over graphics card and MOBO.

    so far I have good temps

    Idle CPU : 28
    Idle GPU : 32

    Load CPU : 45~ 48 ( 50 at times )
    Load GPU : 50~55
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    The 3770k runs much hotter than the 2600k when OC'd with little to no performance gain when OC'd. As for cooling:

    From what I have seen to date, the H100 still tops the thermal charts by about 1/4 degree but, to my mind, that's not enough gain to offset the very real threat of having water inside electronic box. That and it sounds like you're at the airport when the fans are on high.

    It's almost ironic that [air] coolers like this are becoming available just as processors transition to designs that may ultimately render them unnecessary; even overclocked to 5GHz, an Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K doesn't need anywhere near this level of cooling

    Cooling performance, as one might expect improves the more money you throw at it......of course you can spend a lot of money on poor to moderate performers too. Among air oolers, these are the ones I mist oft install based upon budget

    $80ish - Phanteks or Silver Arrow

    The Thermalright Silver Arrow is barely audible while pushing the 2600k to 4.8 - 5.0 GHz (75C @ highest core). The Phanteks is prettier and has a 5 year warranty.,14.html

    $50ish - CM Hyper 612 PWM or Scythe Mugen 3

    $30ish CM Hyper 212

    No review necessary, at its price its one of the most popular unite ever made.
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