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Flash/SD no longer recognized by Win7, but USB ports work

I have a new system based on ASUS SABERTOOTH X58 running Win 7 x64. The system includes support for USB3 and I recently started using 2 WD Passport 1T external USB3 drives for backup.
I've encountered 2 problems since I started using those drives. The first is a boot problem, which I've posted about here.

The second problem is that my Flash Media (SD and Mem Stix) are no longer recognized. This didn't happen immediately when I started using the Passport drives, so I don't know if its related.

The problem is that when I insert a Flash drive or SD card, it is not recognized by the system, though the system's response to attaching these drives varies.
Sometime I hear the usual tone that the system recognizes the disk, but I don't get the "What do you want me to do?" prompt. After awhile, the corresponding icon for the drive will show up in the "Devices with Removable Storage" section of "My Computer" (or in the case of an SD card, the icon for the card reader will no longer be greyed out). However nothing happens when I dbl click on the icon. Other times, the system will state that the device needs to be formatted.
I have 3 USB 2 ports in which this occurs and I have tested all of them with an external HDD and it mounts correctly. I have tested the Flash Drives on other computers and they are formatted correctly. When I attach my camera via USB, SD card works fine.
I'm stumped.
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    I fixed this by uninstalling Acronis True Image Home.
  2. Great!! Good thing you were able to figure that out.
    Happy Holidays!!!
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