SSD and HDD at the same time?

I am soon planning to get a Corsair Force 3 series 90gb sata III SSD to install windows 7 and battlefield 3 to.

My question is that can I have the sata III SSD running at the same time as my sata II HDD and keep the SSD at sata III speed?

I'm worried that with a sata II drive running at the same time that the motherboard will run the SSD at sata II speeds also.
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    No problem they will run individually the SSD at SATA 6GB and the HDD at SATA 3GB.
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  3. Thank you for answering and replying fast! :)
  4. This was of course based on that your motherboard supports SATA 6GB!
  5. It does :na:

    I just have an older HDD because I was on a tight budget when I built my computer ;)
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