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I bought 3 scythe 80mm s-flex fans. i put one outake at the back of the case and 2 intake in at the front.
the intake fan are really more noisy than the outake.
is it because the intake are 4 pin molex ant the outake 3 pin?

i dont understant because at first i test all fans to see if they were working in a 3pin mobo and they were really quiet

what can i do to lower the noise of the intake fans?

my case is a coolermaster wavemaster
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    You will have to get a fan controller for them running off a 4pin molex makes the fans run at full speed which will be for the best cooling but is really loud so get a fan controller and you will be able to lower the speed of the fan. The reason it was quieter in your 3 pin connection on the motherboard is because the motherboard can control the speed of the fan and will make em go faster when it is needed but when its not needed the motherboard keeps them at a slower speed so its not as loud and saves power.

    What motherboard do you have most mid range boards atleast have power connections for atleast 3 fans.
  2. i have a asus M4A78-E
    there is 4 3pin connector but I plug in my heatsink fan, my psu, my outake fan.
    so there is one left for 2 fan..

    does sliptter exists so i can plug 2 fan in one 3pin?

    or maybe its better to only get one fan plug in the 3pin and no molex?
  3. The one fan should be plenty and no there is not a splitter for that. I would say just put that extra fan away and use it as a backup or like i said befor buy a fan controller they only cost like 20 or 30 bux.
  4. Ok thanks
  5. or upgrade to a 120mm fan. they run quieter and push lots of air.... if you have room.
  6. No i dont have enough space for it. Only 2 80mm one on the other can fit.
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