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Hey guys,

So my Thermalright Venomous X RT CPU cooler has arrived, and I'm now planning what I'm going to do. This subject is a very common subject on the internet and forums, and has cause quite some discussions. But basically I haven't been able to find a good, exact and well proven answer. So I hope there is someone here who actually has experience with different setups and might be able to give me a solution for the next situation:

The Venomous X RT comes with a TR-FDB-1300 3 pins fan and moves max 50 CFM.

I currently have the Mugen 2 rev. B on my CPU, which I'm going to replace with the Venomous X. I also want to place the fan of the Mugen 2 on the Venomous X as, to create a push pull setup.

The Mugen's fan is a 4 pins PWM fan and has a max of 1300 RPM and moves max 74.25 CFM.

Best situation would be to pull the power out of the PSU by connecting the fans to a molex cable, and also connect the fans to the CPU fan header for the right speed resulting in the right target temp. But I assume this isn't possible since the TR-FDB is no PWM fan?

If above is indeed not possible, considering the fact I would like to connect the Scythe Fan to the CPU fan header so it will only activate when the CPU becomes hotter than f/e 50 degrees. Which fan should I use as pull, which as push, and why?

Thank you in advance :)
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  1. what motherboard do you have? i know my asus board will allow me to manually make fan profiles with their software utility, and just remember, if your sticking that powerful of a fan to your supply, be prepared for alot of noise
  2. It will work, To be honest, I think 74cfm is quiet if you hear my system lol.

    I got 7 110CFM fans on the computer and its loud at 100%, but I have to for my OC.
  3. I used the Ven X for a while.

    To be honest I tried many different fans and setups with it.

    Push/Pull never really got me a drastic improvement, maybe 2-3C max.

    I ended up using 1 decent fan in the end, got an Enermax Cluster http://www.enermax.co.uk/produkte/luefter/cluster.html

    I would suggest trying your fans individually and noting the results under load, noise levels ect.

    Then try push pull with the different set ups and just see which setup produces the best results.
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