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Hey Im building a gaming rig but since hard drives are more expensive than a lambo I'm going to be using an old 120gb hdd from an old PC.

Would a Corsair 40gb ssd be enough for Windows 7 64bit? Its $80 at

Any suggestions on which SSD I should get if not this one?
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  1. yes it's enough and good manufactuer.
  2. I thought that seemed kinda expensive. CAD lol.
    Yeah, 40'll be enough. You could go up to 60gb with a few dollars more, though, and get some apps on there. How much are you willing to spend?
    This one's actually cheaper after rebate (CAD $100 before, $75 after) and 60gb:
  3. Normally the OS is around 30GB. You will have another programs running on the SSD ,the best variant and afordable is 60-64 GB. On that you can instal program what you need to start and run faster.
    Here some variants :
    Read the reviews and choose. Good luck.
  4. Pyro...
  5. I have a 128gb ssd, i have win7, bf3 and all my small programs and still have 77.9gb free. So you can even get away with a game on the ssd if you bump up to 60gb.
  6. It will be enough....for a grows over time.....and you will have to be adept at changing the default locations for user files, e-mail, program installs and the like to keep it as small as possible.
  7. Right. With some wrangling you'll be OK.
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