CPU voltage question, fluctuates.

Hey guys, my Core i5 2500k finally died after 5 months. I was running it at 1.5v at 5.2ghz nonstop. I replaced it with a Core i7 2700k and have a question. I noticed that the voltage likes to fluctuate, i have the VCore set at 1.45v in the BIOS. However, with CPU-Z and Evga E-Leet utility, i see that it stays around 1.388v-1.411v. It NEVER goes up to the set voltage. It's running at 4.5ghz right now. Here are my specs:

Core i7 2700k
Evga z68 FTW motherboard
Corsair HX1000
GTX 480x2

I seriously doubt that the PSU is going bad, it runs like a champ when gaming. Please let me know if you guys need more information, i'd like to get this issue resolved.

EDIT: If you guys think it is all right, then let me know also.
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  1. do you have load line calibration set, or the VDDC lowered?
  2. What kind of cooling are you using? :)

    Just run 4.5ghz with 1.3V.
  3. Sorry for the late response, been busy at work. I'm using a Corsair H100 cooler. And, what do you mean by "do you have load line calibration set". Like, turned on? I really have no clue what that is.
  4. by default it will be off, and when it's off the cpu will decrease it's voltage as it gets hotter
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