CPU temp not show in Everest

hi all,

I built new PC and I have 3770k and asus sabertooth z77
all temp's good in bios and fan rpm
but when I installed Everest it doesn't show the cpu temp or anything just motherboard temp
not show fans rpm too
and its show motherboard "unknown"

I didn't do any OC and I have last update for bios

any idea?

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  1. new chipset..and new thermal monitors on the mb and the software not written for them. I use open hardware and so does hardware monitor and speedfan. with hardware monitor the paid can hang the newer mb if you open in more then once to quickly. also dont forget to use the usb flashback and put the three bios updates on your mb 906/1012/120x..they put in new cpu and ram code on the sabertooth mb.
  2. I have bios update 1304
    btw temps and fans speed all good in Thermal Radar "the software included with motherboard"
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    uninstall it and try other like AIDA64 or Hwmonitor ...
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  5. everything OK with this two software

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