Upgraded to a E7400, having problems

i already upgraded my old processor to a E7400 but in the window vista scores page my processor punctuation decreased insted of increasing and when i tried to play a game it runs like in slow motion but has good frames per second, any suggestion??? Thx. i changed my power suppply too, but i dont know if it has something to do with the problem.
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  1. What was your old processor? What is your motherboard chipset? What do you mean by games running slow but having good frames per second?

    Perhaps you need a BIOS update.
  2. hi, thx for replying so fast, my old processor was an Pentium D dual core E2200, my motherboard is an MSI MS-7525, what i mean is that when i play crysis the frames per second are like 30 and the games moves like in slow motion, its not lag, its just in slow motion. i havent putted any mod in the game so i dont know why happens this.
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    You have to update the bios for that CPU to work correctly when that motherboard came out 45nm processors were not out yet update it and your problem should be solved.
  4. srry for for being such a noob, but how should i update the BIOS ??? lol

    Thx for last reply
  5. go onto the hp website and find the bios update for your system i found one on there for a pavillion
  6. what is the model number of your hp

    Its easy you download the bios put it on a bootable floppy disk
  7. or some just install from windows
  8. mu pc is sg3515la
  9. saaiello said:
    or some just install from windows

    i installed the BIOS update, but nothing seems to change, something i realized is thwt tha processor is always having performance peaks being at 80% of usage or sometime at 100%.

    the puntuation hasnt changed either, first it was 5.1 and is 4.6
  10. In control panel for your system does it show the right processor?
  11. yeah, it shows the right processor
  12. Does your system recognize both cpu cores (in the task manager)?

    E7400 should get you about 5.6 in windows vista experience index but you are getting 4.6.
  13. I'd say the E7400 should get a 5.6-5.7 ish in WIE.

    My E5200 with a 2mb cache OCed to 3.0GHz got a 5.7, and when OCed to 3.6 got a 5.8
  14. i solved the problem, im getting a 5.6 now on the processors score and is my lowest score, but thx anyways for replying man :D
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