Temp check, something seems off

i7 3770k(currently at stock)
xspc raystorm EX 360 kit for cooling
HAF-X case currently open until i bundle up those cables

my ambient room temp is 23c
my cpu temp is 27c at 12 hours of idle(im stress testing next if everything is good)

is this in any way normal or are my mobo temp sensors giving false readings?
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  1. I don't see anything horribly wrong with that. What's the case temp? If you are concerned the board is off check the sensors on three CPU
  2. thats actually pretty low, which is a good thing. most cpu temperatures range in low/mid 30's on average.
  3. That's not too far off for Tcase. If it was core temps it would be a little low... but that just means the calibration of the software you are using is off.

    I did see unusually low temps one time when too much AS5 was used. I think evaporation of TIM played a part in that.
  4. currently case temp and ambient are the same because all the side panels and top fan guards are off, i was just making sure before i run prime 95.

    and when you say horribly wrong is that high since it isn't doing anything other than increasing my power bill at the moment
  5. @proximon ....and now i question whether i used too much AS5, maybe im just being paranoid and i should just trust i built a decent rig and carry on
  6. What are your load temps when running Prime95 or Intel Burn Test? Idling for 12 hours will generate some heat, so a 4C increase is pretty good. Really the load temps are what matter though.
  7. just finished prime 95 on blend for 24 hours. I was running core temp as well and my max temps were 53, 52, 54, 52 over that 24 hour period. guess i was just being paranoid afterall, but the mobo sensors are off by quite a bit they never indicated anything above 41C

    so as i understand it i can safely proceed to overclock the cpu and then just run small FFTs to stess the cpu for the OC stability only as all the other components were tested in blend?
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