No HD Audio ? ? ?

I was unsure where to post this, and HD audio is being routed through HDMI port which deals with graphics. I just put together a new media PC using an Asus M4A785-M. The 785 chipset supports an ATI HD 4200 on-board gfx. I have no audio thru my HDMI under both XP and Win 7.

1. I first installed the chipset drivers. After reboot I have 2 yellow ? in the device manager, one under "Other Devices" and the other under "Sound", and they both say the same thing. "Audio Device on High Definition audio bus"

2. It says that the VIA HD audio drivers need to be installed before the HDMI. I install the drivers…rebooted, and the yellow ? is gone under “other devices”, but I still have the one left under "Sound". I figure this will be gone once I install the AMD HDMI drivers. Well NO such luck, in fact I get an error whether I use AMD's or Asus's HDMI installer. (H-Error Code) 0xE0000227

The board supports 8 channel HD audio through VIA, VT1708S High Definition Audio 8-Channel CODEC.

Here's where I get confused, I'm not 100% sure how HD audio gets routed thru the onboard gfx, I'm assuming the HD audio from VIA is just being passed through the on-board gfx.

When I go to install the HDMI driver I noticed that is says installing Realtek HD audio 2.8. Why the heck is it installing Realtek drivers for HD audio, if my HD audio is from VIA? ? ? I looked on Asus site and nowhere is Realtek's name mentioned having anything to do with HD audio, just the on-board LAN is by Realtek.

I'm figuring Asus and ATI are giving me the wrong HDMI driver, or something on the board is bad.
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  1. I have the same problem, same board.

    Anyone got a solution?
  2. ASUS M4A78LT-M LE with VIA VT1708S.. can't get past exclamation mark at "Audio device on high definition audio bus". I have tried all the drivers there are.. for all other chipsets too..
    On the ASUS site, it says one should update the BIOS to the latest version, but with this board not having a floppy connector, it's going to be tough. :(
  3. "You are not allowed to edit this message."
    So here it is: Just updated the BIOS - no change.
  4. Figured it out.. ASUS is only giving you the driver for the integrated (VIA) sound card. The device with the name "Audio Device on High Definition audio bus" was for me something that has to do with the graphics card.. or something. I noticed in Everest that it reported 2 different "sound cards", one named ATI. So while looking for Radeon HD4870 drivers, there was an optional download link to THIS:
    .. which solved all problems.
  5. Dear Nearati, I have the same problem right now, and the video driver does not work well.
    By the way Linux, that I want to install as second boot, can not start the Xserver, altough Asus says that the M4A785T-M motherboard works well with Fedora, SUSE and Ubuntu. There must be something tricky with that on-board video.
    I noticed that AMD states that the driver is "Required ONLY for Windows XP SP2 or earlier".
    I am in doubt, because I have XP Pro, serv. pack 3, but I figure that at the end of 2009 - or January 2010 - you already had SP 3.
    Another doubt derives from the fact that the Error Code: 0xE0000227 is connected with the impossibility to write on the disk. My Hd is an old SATA 1 (1.5 Gb/s) but I guess that yours is newer.
    I would like to hear your comments.
    Thank you
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