AMD 810 - confused about the voltages..

PLZ help.. i am trying for what i think is achievable but keep running into blocks. This is my setup

Msi 790gx-g65 winki
corsair vengeance 1600mhz
amd phen 2 810 processor overclocked on stock voltages to 3120. 240 * 13
msi 4870 * 2 crossfire

the airflow is very good.. the processor idles at 33 to 35 degrees
and gpus are around 50 degrees

my issue is here. This link gives the max possible overclock on this processor.
according to this i can go upto 3.75ghz. 300 * 12.5 with some high voltages..

my question is that, are these voltages feasible. I don't have asus mb so i used the msi software which is CRAP.
i tried amd overdrive and i cant even reach the voltages specified..
can anyone please tell me how to go about this.. 1.55v on the cpu when the stock is around 1.3 something
i once tried the specified voltages and my comp didn't even boot to the bios..

so please tell me how to go about this.. if ive left out on any info plz ask me.. ill be glad to give out any details

THANKS in advance..
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  1. this is not how overclocking works. You cannot just plug in settings and think it will work. All changes should be done in the bios and you should be going up very slowly. Read some guides, 1.55V is not safe especially for a noob
  2. thing is no one puts a easy way to approach this.. the explanation of all the voltages are there but it dosent say how to approach.. as in which one to increase and then move on. the reason why i posted is im a noob..:P
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