Help getting files to open from an external hard drive

i just purchased a new computer and am trying to open an older 2 tb external harddrive from it when i open the folder it says the folder is empty . but when i open the same harddrive on my old computer every thing comes up fine the old comp. has windows vista and the new comp has windows 7 that is the only major difference
what could the problem be?

thanks in advance
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  1. I don't think I've ever run into this problem.

    Does the drive show up at all in win 7? If not, while in win 7, go into disk management. If you can see the drive there, assign it a letter. now go back and see if you can find your files.
  2. Check to see if the drive is initialized and working well in windows.

    Go to:

    Control Panel
    Small Icons view
    Administrative Tools
    Computer Management
    Disk Management

    Once in Disk Management, make sure that your external is shown in the list and that windows recognizes it as a healthy working drive. You can right click on the drive to initialize it as well.

    Just DO NOT format the drive or change any of the partition or file system settings, because this will erase all stored data.

    When you say "folder" do you mean the subfolders within the external drive? This would suggest that windows 7 is able to show you the folder structure but not individual files.

    If by "folder" you mean the actual drive icon in My Computer, then it is most likely an initialization issue.

    If win7 detects the folders but not the files within these folders, then that is a strange problem indeed. If your hard disk looks good in computer management, then i would say that it is a file attribute issue, perhaps something causing them to be hidden.

    Does the free space on the disk show completely free in my computer? Or does it actually show that you've used some?
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