Computer Starts but won't boot?

My computer turns on, but won't boot.

The last thing I was doing was installing a cd drive. I plugged in everything for the cd drive, turned the computer on, then it stopped working.

I tried setting everything back to the way it was before I installed the cd drive, but now my pc won't work.

*Normally, the computer turns on for about 4 seconds, then turns right back off. BUT, if I turn off my power, then turn it back on, it boots up to the windows is starting screen, THEN it turns off.*

What's wrong? I'm pretty sure everything is installed correctly. Thanks.
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  1. Go through the following checklist, let us know what works and what doesn't:
  2. Don't know what the problem was, but I unplugged and replugged everything and it's working again. I guess something got loose.

    Thanks for the reply ekoostik! :D
  3. You're welcome. Sometimes it's like that, seemingly unrelated to what changed and your problem. But that's why the checklist is important, it helps cover things you normally might not consider. And that's why when you call tech support the first thing they ask you to do is reboot. It's annoying. But alot of times that all it takes. Reboot. Or unplug it all and put it back together!
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