Need advice... Gaming system around $800-1000 plz help

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within a week or two, but ill wait if I should
BUDGET RANGE: US $800ish but ill spend up to 1000 if it'll make a big difference
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, DVD Burner
PARTS PREFERENCES: I'm not sure, I was leaning towards a Phenom 4 955 but im considering a i5 750(which is a smarter choice? this is my biggest concern)
OVERCLOCKING: Maybe when my parts become outdated
SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe later?

Wanted to use an i5 750 and a Radeon 5850/5870, but i have no idea what mobo to use. Tiger Direct still has 12.8% cash back so ill utilize that if i have to. If anyone has a good suggestion for a build or thinks i should wait plz let me know.
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  1. heres a cheap i5 build i made. for 860

    you should either change the psu to something better since you have budget for it, or get something like this combo someone posted is same price and better quality
    and the saphire 5850 is out of stock now, just go with the powercolor or whatever is also 299

    edit: and probably wont make much difference today but the i5 has a lot more performance if you can afford it so i would go that route.
    and also even if you dont plan to overclock you should adjust that ram a little because toms reviewed it and gave it high awards... it works at 1600 speeds cas8 with a little extra voltage
  2. could use some more ideas... thats not a bad suggestion but id rather not cheese out on the psu or anything... also that mobo is micro atx and id rather not go that route... im not knockin that build, im just lookin for more imput as to why i should to intel/amd etc.
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