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I've got Sapphire HD7850, stock clocks are 860 and memory 1200mhz. I OC it to 1200 core and 1400 memory, voltage about 1.175 - 1.2, rise cooler speed and temp never reach more than 80 degrees. BF3, DOTA 2 and LoL haven't crash it. There are no artifacts, color changes. And when I exit game and card's mode changes to idle then after few seconds, sometimes minutes I see green, blue or orange strips and my PC restarts. Color of the strips depends on clocks 1200 - green, 1100 - blue, 1050 - orange. I leave msi kombustor on all night, about 10 - 12 hours and nothing. On stock clocks this problem haven't occured. Have you got any idea?
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  1. Try lowering your memory speed back to stock, and then check.

    If you still have the issue, try backing off of the clock speed a bit.
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