Trouble installing games to HDD not SSD

I have been trying to load several games to my HDD (E:), I don't get the option of drives to install to,so the install goes to my SSD (C:)

I Installed the OS, anti-virus and windows updates to my Crucial M4 128gb
Then I installed my HHD, Hitachi 1TB, formatted and "named it" in "Disk management"

Disk management shows this:

Systems Reserve (D:) 100mbs NTFS Healthy (Primary Partition)

(On the same row) (C:) 119.4gb NTFS Healthy (System, Boot,Page file,Active,Crash dump,Primary Partition)

New Volume ( E:) 931.51 gb NTFS Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)

I don't know how I got a Reserve D: unless because I had to repair with OS disk. "Bootmgr missing"

Hitachi 1TB sSATA 6Dbs
Crucial M4 128 SATA 6Gdb

I have not updated Bios (never done it before) System runs good ,well AI Suite keeps shutting done, but other than that.
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  1. just change the letter c to e where you want to install the program
  2. Doesn't give me that option. As soon as I click install, on any game, the install starts to C: which is "supposed" to be my SSD.

    On my XP PC I get the option where to download to
  3. what are the option you got
  4. After the normal initializing set up screen, and the normal EULA accept, just prior to the install you should get a page thats will let you "browse" for the Drive you wish to install to. Mine just goes straight to the install to drive C: after the the normal EULA ect tra.

    If I knew how to post a photo on this site I would post a snip of my "disk management" screen. i will go see if I can find the instructions for that.
  5. See if I can add a photo of he "Disk Management" snip

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  6. try the install as administrator you will get the box to choose just change the c to e
  7. Install as administrator? Thought that is what I was doing??? What did I miss??

  8. your welcome just tried it before giving you the answer
  9. I checked in my networks, I am the administrator and no other user accounts
  10. do that when you want ot install the program on the e hdd
  11. Doesnt work for me?
  12. Are these games you are installing via steam? If so, steam forces you to install where it is already installed. You would have to install steam on your other drive, then all games would go there. I don't know if Origin is the same or not...
  13. No, I don't use Steam. I have been able to install a couple of the Company of Heroes games and was able to get the install path option in advanced setting. but COD series wants to go directly to the SSD C:

    I had changed the E: drive (HDD) to "active" in disk management, so changed that back to just "Primary Partition", so later this evening I will try agian.
  14. Sounds like you are doing a default install.
    Choose a 'custom' install for any game and you will be given the option to choose file location.
    If you choose'normal' or 'default' install it often does install to C:
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