AMD X4 965 and EasyTune 5

I've been using EasyTune 5 Pro to run my X4 965 at a ratio of 20.00. However, when doing so EasyTune shows that the current speed is 3415MHz while CPU-Z says that its running at 4018 MHz. From the responsiveness of the system it seems like its really running at about 4GHz but for some reason EasyTune 5 is freaking out and not reading the correct speed.

There must be an alternative way through the bios to change the multiplier to increase the cpu speed that may be better than using EasyTune, right?
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  1. bios is better and the best way to OC
  2. In My opinion OC With software isn't at stable as with the bios, IF the software crashes for whatever reason, there goes your system, BSOD like crazy leading you into thinking the OC wasn't stable. While OCing with bios isn't hard and if your system blue screens then your gonna have to change something in bios like More Vcore.

    Only time I use OC software the came with my ASRock board is to test higher OC's but even then its weird how it works. On the AXTU (ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility) I can get my 1100T to 4.3ghz vary stable it seems, but I OC with bios, its not stable. 4.2ghz is.
  3. OK, so in the BIOS, should I simply be able to change the CPU ratio setting and then bang I'm OCing? Or do I need to change the CPU Clock setting also? CPU-Z says that the multiplier is x17. But, the clock ratio in the BIOS starts at x5. What am I missing? I read about the 965 that it's easy to overclock because of its unlocked multiplier. I'm expecting this OC to be easy. what do I need to know to OC this cpu?
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  5. It turns out that uninstalling the paid version of AVG freed up my system and this thing really sings now. Then with the help of the Black Edition OC Tutorial my 965 is operating very smoothly and at a cool 44C at a 3.8 GHz. It's like a totally new system now. Hopefully the combination of MSE and Malwarebytes will keep it clean.
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