Newegg selling fake i7 920's

Just found this over at overclockers and it scared the hell outa me has i recently received my i7 860
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  1. the processor will have what it is laser etched into it for verification. you will be able to tell if its been tampered with.
  2. If NewEgg wrote "i7-920" on a steaming pile of poop and sent it to me I would believe that I had a working CPU. That's how much faith I have in them. I have a hard time believing a company with a reputation like NewEgg would risk it by doing something so foolish. If something like this really did happen, it would almost certainly be isolated instead of systematic.
  3. just double checked it to make sure its legit (my processor) lol, oh here's a vid view
  4. O.o Very interesting. I wonder how many have been sent out.

    Someones going to get in trouble.... but who? :/

    Good luck with that one newegg, and same to the customers effected.

    Anyone here on THG get so lucky?
  5. Yeah I laughed pretty hard when I saw the heatsink. :)
  6. I want that heatsink :O
  7. Read the forum posts linked in the [H] article. It was something that was going on at the company that distributes the products to newegg, so it wasn't really newegg's fault:
  8. Yeah I figured it wasn't newegg's fault. They were saying the cut-outs in the box showed what looked like the right components. Newegg was getting jipped. :(
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