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I just built my new computer and need some help with the graphics card. My monitors resolution is 1360x768 and will not be upgraded. Should I get a 5750 or 5770.
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  1. Do you game or not because if you dont I would go with the cooler 5750 but if you do it would be worth the extra 20$ or so for the 5770
  2. I mainly play wow, but will prolly get dragons age and assassins creed.
  3. Gonna have to say at that resolution both cards will shred WOW its all up to how much you wanna spend the 5770 does offer a good performance boost for the money but if you are concerned with being as cool and quiet as possible the 5750 is the better of the two
  4. Hey newbuilder_92, I too was looking for a new video card not 24 hours ago. I spent several, several hours trying to figure out what the best option would be and ended up looking at those very same two cards. What did I end up choosing? Neither.

    I instead went with the 4890. Sure, the 5000s have DX11, but is that honestly something that's necessary right now? Only a handful of games use DX11 at the moment, and generally speaking, the first line of cards for a new version of directx are not at all up to par with the subsequent lines. Plus the 5770 is only 128-bit.

    Unless I'm wrong, I believe it's the better choice.
  5. It is the better performance wise because a 5770 is about on par with a 4870 but 5770s draw less power, so is better if he has a small Psu, run cooler, and do have a slight edge on price. However I do agree with you that performance wise the 4890 is a superior choice.

    But it all comes down to what he wants from the card
  6. I have the antec neo eco 520watt power supply, and while the 4890 is a nice card its a bit out of the range i was looking to spend, but I found for 152 so I think im going to go with the 5770 because its only 20 dollars more. The cheapest 4890 I found on newegg was 190
  7. 5770s are great cards. Enjoy your new toy!
  8. Both chips are pretty much badass no matter what, haha. 4890 may be slightly more powerful but it and the 5770 are still going to display some beautiful graphics. I'm not sure what you had before building this computer, but I had a x1950. While that was good back in the day, it's now starting to only handle games on medium and is artifacting like a mother. Can't go wrong with any of these new chips--it's all going to be a big upgrade :)

    Now all we have to do is wait for the card to be delivered!
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