Can I fix this scratch?

I put a little too much pressure on the screw drive and it slipped and hit the motherboard. I notice that the scratch (thankfully) only hit through one line and i was wondering if i can repair it. I took some pictures with my phone (sorry about the crappy quality). My computer turns on and everything but the monitor won't display anything (the cut is underneath the pci express slot). When I moved my graphics card to my other (4x) pci-express slot my computer worked. However, I can only see this as a temporarily solution because the video card runs considerably slower on the 4x slot.

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  1. The only thing I could think to do is try something ghetto like put an incredibly small amount of liquid copper on the broken circuit, not letting it touch any of the others. That would most likely work but would be extremely hard to do and dangerous. There may be a way to fix it that I don't know of but unless you want to try my ghetto solution it seem like you will have to buy a new board.
  2. I bought a conductive pen that is supposedly used to fix these types of things. This is the specific item: The problem is that I heard you are suppose to try to scratch of the sealant around the scratch then use the pen to make a complete circuit for the motherboard tracing. I don't know how to properly remove the sealant from around the scratch. Does anyone know how I should approach this with the conductive pen?
  3. I found a fiberglass pen at Radio Shack when I was picking up the conductive pen. Hopefully it works. It took me several tries to get the stuff not to touch the parallel circuit.
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