Need help with my new E7400 plz!!!

i just upgraded my ney pc with a new Power Supply and a new processor, the processor its always going up to 90% of usage when im not doing anything, its not stable. another thing is that in the windows vista scores page my processor score decreased instead of increasing. before the upgrade, my processor score was 5.1 and after putting the new processor, went down to 4.6. my RAM score was 4.7 before and went up to 5.4. some games are running in slow motion, i dont know why.
my pc already recognized the processor and in the device manager it says that is running perfectly. my pc is an Compaq presario SG3515LA and i already made the BIOS update that in the compag website i found. plz tell me if o forgot to do anything, if i had to do something in the mother board first, or if i had to change something in the BIOS setting.
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    Didi you remember to raise the buss frequency fromm 200 to 266?
    If not then your new cpu is seriously under clocked....
    Your old CPU ran at FSB 800 (200mhz buss speed) and your new CPU runs at FSB 1066 (266mhz buss speed).
    These will probably have to be set manually in the bios.

    Also what video card are you running on this it the onboard?
    If so then that's your problem you need at least an nvidia8800gt or better to have that game run smoothly.....
    This might also explain why your cpu is peaking out so high as on board graphics uses the cpu to try and render the high level of conent of this game...
    Hope this helps....JQ
  2. problem solved, i cannot change frequencies on my BIOS, the problem was that the fan that the processor brought was really bad so it was overheating, i changed the fan and problem solved, my punctuation after changing the fan is 5.6, now the 80-90% peaks stopped, now the CPU usage is between 0-6% and peaks of only 35-40% so its very stable now. but Thanks anyways man i really appreciate your concern
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