AMD Phenom 965 4.GHZ on stock cooler

Hay Guys

i have overclocked my phenom to 4.ghz on stock cpu cooler
and the temps are normal between 54 to 56c
what do you think. ? can i pull it to 5.1 with cooler master v8 or noctua nh-d14 ?

Please help. thanks in advance. :)
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  1. stock cpu cooler / 54-56C .. will get pass ???? it dangerous .. first test stability with prime95/intelburn test software .. keep ur eyes at temperature if fulload over 60C soon STOP it.
  2. thanks for your reply what is the maximum operating temp of phenom on 4.1 ghz its going near about 60 to 61. ?
  3. I think if you are running that sort of OC you should get a decent cooler. :D
  4. should i go for cooler master V6GT. ?
  5. Have a look here.

    Lots of good coolers about, depends on budget and what you like the look of. :D
  6. thermally you could fry the cpu if you let it go past 60c .. 70c is max max i would never let it get that hot .. amd lists the thermal cap at 60c for that chip same with the 1090t its not a good idea to run at those speeds with stock you will be crying foul if you burn out your cpu .. to get the speed your wanting you want to get something like an h100 or a swift tech liquid cooling loop .. and those only fit generally in full sized cases like the corsair 800 or 600d cases or possibly a lan boy or cooler master hafx 939.. just saying from practice small water blocks are only good for 3.8 at full load and 4.0 stable but runs hot so if your serious about it then that is the best route .. coolermaster v8 is a joke and not worth it..
  7. Thanks Man will make it water cooled i have hafx 932.
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