High Frequency or Low Latency on P55?

Hi, I'm looking to buy fast performing memory for the P55 chipset. I will be using an i5-750, and probably an Asus board. What it comes down to is: what is better for P55, lower latency or higer frequency? I was looking at these two models.


I will be gaming, and I'm leaning toward the G.skill RAM. What do you think?
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  1. I agree with the G.SKILL choice. It is more of a factor to have lower latency than higher speeds but the Tridents can match the Mushkin in speed and latency and is recommended by Tom's Hardware in their last review.
  2. Well I meant if I ran the g.skill at the rated latency and 2000Mhz frequency versus the mushkin at the rated latency and 1600Mhz frequency, what would give me the most performance in games , lower latency (Mushkin) or higher frequency (G.Skill) ?
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    The lower latency would probably be a bit faster in games - but most likely not really by any large amount that would be noticeable.
  4. ^+1... Agree

    You would see little difference outside of benchmarks, which why in the end, I would look to save money and pick up these G.SKILL instead. They will perform very nicely at a cheaper price. :)
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