Help with new build please (HD 5770 / Athlon II x4 620) (updated)

I haven't built a computer in quite a while and I'm way way behind the curve.

I've put the important stuff directly below the BIG BOLD type. The other stuff (in italics) can be skipped if you are a rusher!

This is the best CPU/GPU I could find on my budget:

This is the best MB I could manage to decide would work. I think:

Completely open to suggestions on the MB and on the brand of video card. There are so many new brands of memory/MB/video cards that I'm out of touch. I'm basing most of this on newegg reviews.

Asus is a brand I've used before. I am using an EeePC 701 4g Surf model as my primary PC now haha. We are about to get a 46" 1080p TV and I want a computer that can plug into it and play movies and such (the EeePC can't handle even youtube/hulu/etc, and certainly not Blueray files.) This will be given to the wife so she can have email/facebook/etc without potentially messing up my main system (which I need.)

The only game I play right now is DotA for WC3. I plan to play (and decide to upgrade) because I saw League of Legends in Walmart while with a friend and he explained that it is the "new dota", more or less, after trying to play it on the EeePC (it barely runs. barely) I decided to go ahead and build a PC that could more than handle these simple tasks. Just perhaps I will play WoW (although, casually), but probably not, and I might expand into other 3d gaming, but probably not. I don't have much time for gaming anymore so DotA/LoL is especially good for me. I enjoy multiplayer PvP, but not MMORPG time-sinks. Spending tons of time to level and equip a character for WoW PVP is too much for me anymore.

What I need:
1) better MB options?? Is this a good one for me? I only need 1 video card slot, and integrated audio/network. Anything else is just a plus. Don't need wireless either. USB and the standard stuff, of course. AM3 for the CPU mentioned above, and capable of using 1 of the video cards mentioned above.

2) RAM? Holy crap I'm out of it here. DDR3 wasn't a viable option (brand new) when I built my last computer and it seems this requires it. What speed/brand names can you recommend?

3) Case? I would prefer a small PC, preferably a desktop (ie, not tower) and I will be searching. This was sorta the last thing I was worried about.

Software I plan to use:
Windows 7 Pro/whatever (the best one)
League of Legends (truely why I'm building this system)
46" HDTV (for movies and gaming) and 22" LCD (for normal usage or gaming when the wife insists on watching something)
WC3/DotA (if LoL sucks?)

Gimp/Firefox/etc. Guitar / Audio Editing / Video Editing / etc

THANKS A TON for any help you can provide!
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  1. (will get a blueray reader later) (any MB advice appreciated! )

    is the build I have put together so far. I don't know if the power supply included with that case is going to fly. 480watts, but it doesn't list the connectors and such. Seems like 480 watts is going to be too little IMO. Help?

    MB help is appreciated. This comes to $600 which is totally doable, and seems like a pretty nice system. The ram is a little weak, but may be more than enough. The lack of monitor and keyboard/etc is intentional.
  2. hd: id go with one of the 7200.12 or f3 hard drives, you can search them easily. they are a lot faster and similarly prices

    ram: id go with the corsair ddr3 1333 ram, its cheaper without heat spreaders and toms just gave it awards... it can run at 1600 cas8 with a little voltage increase!

    cant recommend that case/psu combo either, you have to be really careful with the generic brand power supplies. that said ive had good luck personally with the hec 585w ones, but right now theres a combo deal with antec 200 case and powersupply so id go with that one for sure.

    optical drive is fine

    mobo is ok but its more expensive for the features. you can get an asrock one with same chipset for $55 or pay more for a nice one with 785 or 790 chipsets. id stay away from ecs, ive had nothing but trouble with them.

    gpu is fine

    proc is fine, really good bang for the buck on these new athlon ii's especially if you overclock. i just built a system for a friend with the 630 and was able to do 3.51ghz on stock voltage for benching, though i had to take down to 3.37 to get prime stable. the 620 is usually good for 3.25 on stock voltage which is also big boost for gaming
  3. Updated several things. Decided to build a little stronger system using an onboard HD4200 (for now)

    The idea is to keep the initial cost below $600 for hardware, with upgradability built in. (Liteon DVDRW) (Antec 200) (Athlon II x4 620) (New HDDs) (New Antec PS) (new MB) (new memory)

    First things first, thanks for the info on the 7200.12 drives. Changed to twin 160gb drives for $80 which I will raid 0 as a C drive! Super! Plan to add 2 1tb slower drives mirrored as a backup/media drive. I have a ton of DVDs I want to convert for instant access.

    The new Power Supply is modular, which I absolutely need given the small case choice. 750 watts should be enough for a Phenom II X4 995 BE which is probably the next CPU I'll drop in it (with a decent air cooler)

    The new MB has nice memory/OC options and tom did a great review for it. Looks like exactly what I need.

    The new memory seems like the best bang for the buck. Lower CAS (7-7-7-21 IIRC) at DDR3 1333 meet's Tom's guidelines in his memory benchmark. Not that memory is a huge deal, but these look nice, and lifetime guarantee sounds good to me.

    Sound good to you?
  4. Changed some hardware upon advice:

    Antec 200, liteon 24x sata DVDRW
    2xSeagate Barracuda 7200.12

    ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X (so 2 8x > 16x+4x right?)
    Seventeam ST-750ZAF 750W
    Gskill Ripjaw DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 CAS
    Athlon II X4 620 CPU

    EDIT: Changed this video card to this which pushed the cost to $668 for hardware, shipped.

    After prices come down some, I will probably upgrade to two nicer 5000 series video cards, and then a Phenom II BE CPU
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