What could cause sata drive to burn up its power wires twice

I have a sata drive that sent the power connector wires that were connected to it up in smoke twice today.
different power supply.
then it proceeded to run for 5 hours while i cloned it to another drive (whew! i thought lost my data again)

so my question is this

how can this happen?

its running fine and then i restart my computer and the wires go up in smoke.

it runs fine again (i thought it was a problem with the wires not the drive)

then i go to restart my computer and again the wires go up in smoke.
different power supply then the first time.

is there some way a drive can have an intermittent internal short?
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  1. look like you got a electrical short could you try another sata port on board if it does the same
  2. Yes, bu tit is not too likely unless the short is mechanical in nature.

    You might try removing the drive from the case and setting it on an insulated surface with no contact with the computer except power and data cables. Then see what happens.
  3. well like i said it ran for 5 hours inside the computer so its not that easy to check
    its and intermittent problem.

    i was strongly considering wiping the drive and tossing it in the trash.
    but its a fairly new 1.5tb drive
    i guess i could rma it
    but what if the manufacture does not have the problem show up for them
    will they send me the same drive back?
  4. you have nothing to loose if it defective you will get a new one
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