Is this normal?


First of all, my computer got no problems. Just a minor concern.

The computer is 100% fine, normal, functional and working in every aspect.

It's just, when I turn on my PC, there is the POST screen, but there's no beep.

The "power on beep."

My computer just runs creeps silently into Windows 7 and waits for me.

Is this normal? I know some computers have a BEEP when you turn on the PC.

Mine doesn't.

Little insight?

I have AMD Phenom 965 x4 3.4 ghz



G.skill DDR3 4GB
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  1. The computer only "beeps" once if you have a small speaker connected to the speaker pins on the motherboard, either from the case leads or some cases come with a tiny speaker in the hardware package. Connecting a speaker to the back sound port on your backplate doesn't create the "beep" sound.
  2. Does it have a speaker inside the case ?

    The case speaker has kinda gone the way of the floppy drive. Nowadays MoBos have LED's ad LCD's and all sorts of stuff that don't indicate problems w/o resorting to codes.
  3. I'll echo what the other two above said.

    You have to connect the motherboard speaker if you want to hear the motherboard beeps. That's not unusual. I left my motherboard speaker disconnected on purpose, because I don't need and don't want to hear weird beeps. The speaker is a small one, connected to the motherboard by 4 pins.
  4. I don't think it's connected, but it's operational without it right?

    If there's ever an issue, how will I know? Like a dead component?
  5. The motherboard speaker does not need to be connected for the motherboard to work, yes.

    If there is an issue that the motherboard cannot ignore, then it will simply not boot. That would be a good time to plug in the speakers to listen to any potential beep codes.
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