All those who OCed 2500k to 5GHz, hw much extra FPS do u get in games

I always wondered why gamers OC 2500k to 5GHz or 4.5+, Is there any significant improvement in Games or applications? Doesnt this destroy your CPU if you run it 24x7 or decrease the life of your processor? :o
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    No one OC his CPU for gaming, the stock i5 is plenty for gaming, Unless the CPU stock speed is not enough for intensive demanding games, also you will see a very noticeable difference when you are rendering or encoding.....Overclocking does not kill you CPU unless you are really doing it won't either shortness you CPU life time if you are running under safe, proper volt, and with high performance liquid cooling solutions, the heat is not an issue any more..
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  3. Depends on which games.

    I know in games such as WoW you can get great improvements with overclocking.
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