So I just built my new system with a Z68XP-UD3P Gigabyte Mobo and a 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD.

Using ATTO, the drive seems to cap off at 300MB/s for writes:

Side note: I made the mistake of installing Windows 7 without first enabling AHCI in Bios, however I applied the registry trick and was able to switch to AHCI succesfully post-install, which I keep reading should not effect anything (I verified with AS SSD that the drive controller is now MAHCI)

I have seen lots of ATTO results reflecting the vertex 3's advertised read/write speeds (550/500MB/s). I have verified that I am using a SATA3 port (NOT GSATA) and 6gb/s cable (how could I get 550MB/s read without it?), I feel like I'm missing something here, any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Google "SSD align partition".
    You probably just need to align your partition to get maximum performance
  2. Ill give that a shot and repost some results, thanks for the idea!
  3. Well my partition offset is 1,048,576. To my understanding, because this is divisible by 4096, my partition should be aligned.

    I updated my chipset drivers but still haven't figured it out, write scores are lower if anything:

  4. Update: I also installed the intel RST controller, same results :(
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    Ok, it is aligned well then. I would try posting this question to your manufacturer's forums. They all have SSD forum pages where they release beta drivers, tools, and resolve issues as well. Your best chance is there.
    Could be a firmware thing...
  6. Have you check and make 1000000000000000000000000% sure you have the SSD put on the 6Gb/s(SATA 3) port instead of the 3Gb/s(SATA 2) port?

    EDIT: SATA 2(3Gb/s) port usually and will always write/read max of around 300MB/s and this is where SATA 3(6Gb/s) comes in to take the advantage of 6Gb/s which is around 600MB/s... Soon 12Gb/s will be released and it's where SSD is like a HDD
  7. Figured it out! Good tip with manufacturer forum OCZ guy knew right off the bat. The problem is actually a bug with the Gigabyte Bios. Disabled C3/C6 under CPU options in bios and voila 500MB/s writes:

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  9. Who would knew!?... :) Good stuff!
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