Phenom II x4 965 Temps Running High?

Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm think that I'm having a problem with the cooler for my CPU. I'm running a Phenom II X4 965 with a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ with a single 120mm fan on the heatsink. My case is an Antech Three Hundred Two with all optional fans installed (all fans connected to a controller). The front two fans are blowing inward, and the 2 side fans are blowing out.

I am not overclocking, running at stock 3.4 GHz with no voltage changes. When I boot, my temps sit around 32C, and when I stress test on Prime95, my temps max at 50C. I've read that the max temp you want on Prime95 when overclocking is 50C. Have I done something wrong with my setup to make the temps so high, or is this normal for a Phenom? This is the 125W TDP model.

I know that these temps aren't going to burn me out, but I thought that a cooler as awesome as this one would give me better results.
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  1. Front and side fans sucking air in.

    Rear and top fans blowing air out.

    Try and make the inside of your case as clear as possible to help with airflow.

    And is cool n quiet enabled, may be some settings where you can ramp your cpu fan up under load.
  2. 50C max is fine, AMD states the max temp of most if not all Phenom II's max temp is 62C, So in other words you have room to even OC to 3.8ghz or more.

    Front fan = Blow into case
    Side fan = Blowing into case
    Bottom fan = Blowing into case
    Top fan = Blowing out of case
    Back fan = Blowing out of case

    This is pretty much how most have it setup, I would make sure that your CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ is blowing toward the back of the case to blow out any hot air generated by the CPU.
  3. not wrong and still fine and safe ...using test Prime95 when fulload it ran at max volt 1.45v for 3.4ghz ... actually that voltage can get 4Ghz :D .. if you want more cool go bios set voltage CPU at manual and set minimal .. and test it
  4. I have a 965 be with the same case and a Thermaltake Frio cooler, and only one fan at the front. I idle around 25-30 and max at 50ish...that's at 3.8ghz. Totally fine mate don't worry.
  5. You're fine if you idle around 32c and peak at 50c with the x4 965. I run the same chip with my Inspiron 570 setup and was always around the 33-37c idle temp with peaks of 55c after an hour running OCCT. That never caused any problems after about a month of those temps.

    However, I would mention finally switching to a DeepCool IceEdge 400 was a GREAT improvement. It was the only 92mm tower I could confirm fit the original case and mobo, but it seems to outperform anything else people are using with the Phenom 965- I idle around 28-30c and peak around 48c during an hour test. I can't imagine a reason why I wouldn't use that same cooler for ANY cpu to be honest- I think that model could handle any chip you'd put under it.
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