Dual Boot XP and Windows 7 (each) on TWO Individual Hard Drives

Hey all. I have a PC running XP. I have recently installed another HDD with Win7 preinstalled. Is there a simple way without reloading either operating systems to either create a dual boot or to force boot from the Win7 drive ?

I tried changing in bios, all it does is basically says the bootloader can't run due to it being on the original XP drive.

I have yet to find a clear way to either edit the boot.ini as there needs to be changes made to both OS's, these changes I have not been able to find in any clear detail.

Please help...
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  1. What do you mean, "win 7 pre-installed"? Normally you can't just move an OS drive from one computer to another and have it work properly.

    That said, normally the older OS needs installed first. Installing a second OS to a different drive/partition automatically updates the boot loader and upon next reboot you should see a windows menu asking which OS to boot.

    Another option is to make sure the 1st OS drive as well as other drives are disconnected except for the drive you want to put the new OS (win 7) onto. After installation, reconnect the remaining drives. you won't get a (windows) boot menu this way, but you can change the boot order in the bios or use the (bios) boot option menu to pick which drive you want to boot from.

    As a side note, it's always best to only have one drive connected when installing an OS so that the boot loader and OS end up on the same drive. This will help prevent the situation you have run into.
  2. Agree with Hawkeye22.

    I use EasyBCD. I triple boot to XP, Vista and Win7 for business reasons. But it does matter on the installation order.


    It's not that hard.
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