4670 ddr2 question

Would this card be good enough to run sims 3/dragon age/mass effect at 1366x768?

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  1. Forgot to add other specs.

    AMD Athlon II X4
    4 gigs ram
    Caviar black HD
  2. At those resolutions and that computer, it probably will play pretty good, with medium settings or so. For a couple bucks more you can get a good bump in performance with the DDR3 version, though, and should be considered.
  3. As JofaMang says a GDDR 3 card would be better, there are some options on New Egg worth looking at such as

    The package on the MSI card is pretty hard to beat to be honest as long as they honour the mail in rebate and you get the free game with it.

  4. Thanks. I built this computer for someone and right at the time for them to get a GPU they ran out of money, so I'm trying to get something cheap. $100 or less to play the above games and future games too. The computer is for a 13 year old kid so it doesn't have to be the best just good enough to play the games and not glitchy.

    I was looking at this card too:

    The ones mactronix picked are an option too.
    What about these cards:

    One thing is that while power isn't a problem(antec earth watt 650) heat is. The pc has a micro atx board and has a pci wifi card in the second slot(to free the first for a big graphics card.) I have a side case fan in it but this kid will probably be playing for hours at a time(kind of a hermit).

    What card do you recommend. Cheap is preferred but the prices are so close it doesn't really matter. I just saw that card for under $60 and figured I would ask.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161287
    the HIS is terrific. Dual slots will be occupied because of the large cooler, a plus for you. If your worried about heat, turn the fan to about 60 percent and that issue will be addressed whether it is being utilized for games or web surfing. The ddr3 will increase bandwidth by about 25% and unlocks the graphics core's full potential. $75 and free shipping, no contest!!
  6. I must say i do like the HIS card and its a very good piece of hardware for the money, however do you really want to pay extra for a card that only has a better cooler (not really needed on these cards) and 100 mhz on the memory clock ? The MSI could probably ( never any guarantee with these things) clock just as high and you get the free game and it costs less.
    I have owned 3 HIS ICE Q cards and they are good, I'm my experience overclocking on them is limited but you could bump that one higher a bit as well maybe.
    You need to decide if that's the sort of thing you want to do and if the package and price is worth 100 mhz on the memory or not.
    As a machine for someone else then to me it wouldn't really matter.
    Either way you should definitely get a GDDR3 card. The 9800 is the best card you have linked to by some way it has a nice package including all the VGA adapters you should ever need even a HDMI adapter, the little SPDIFF cable has to be used for the audio on Nvidia cards i believe but don't quote me on that.
    If you are looking for the machine to run reasonably well gaming wise for as long as possable then the 98oo is the card to get.

  7. I saw a link to this on a different site;
    Easily the best card of the ones being discussed and it's $90.
  8. jyjjy said:
    I saw a link to this on a different site;
    Easily the best card of the ones being discussed and it's $90.

    Looks like we have a winner folks

    I will be very surprised if you get a better card than that for the money. As said Easily the best card on offer and the most advanced in terms of tech which can only be good for it lasting a while.

  9. That 4770 says its $123.08, where are you seeing $90?

    That 9800gt doesn't have a power connector, so I assume its the "low power" version. Is that still a decent card, is it even faster than the 4670?
  10. Bummer, it was $90 earlier. The low power 9800GT is still easily better than the HD4670. If you can find one somewhere the HD4830 is slightly better than the regular 9800GT and usually under $100.
  11. BFG Tech BFGE98512GTHE GeForce 9800 GT Passive Cooling 512MB
    $99.99 ($79.99 after $20.00 Mail-In Rebate
  12. I went ahead and got the HIS 4670. This kid is going to be playing mostly MMOS and stuff like that so I think with that its going to be awesome. I had a 4830 in it that self destructed in about 4 hours or so(not sure what happened, I started a thread on here about it) so hopefully everything will be good with this card.
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