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i currently have a system setup with Raid 1 and 2 - 500GB drives, its working great no issues here. however I need to oben up the tower and move my sata connection to other available sata slots on the motherboard, will this have a negative affect on my raid 1 config?

Also i have 2 different types of sata slots on my motherboard, 3G and 6 Gs.... which should I use?

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  1. If the Raid 1 is software controlled by windows it wont matter. If you orginally set your hard disks as raid in the bios then you will have to go to the bios after you move the HDs and then make sure the array is set the same.

    As far as 3gb vs 6gb in your situation it does not matter much, but if the HDs are advertised as 6gb use the 6.
  2. great!!
    thanks for the quick reply :)
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