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sometimes when i power on my PC it starts but suddenly power off itself and in a few seconds power on by itself again .I have Intel d946gzis board ,Intel dual core 3.2 . Pls help me sort out this problem. do i need to change my psu ? thanks
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  1. My Asus board will do the same thing if it fails to post from overclock errors. It then boots with all default settings. Does your intel board have an option like that? If its not holding an OC, might be part of the problem.

    If you want to rule out the PSU, try to borrow one from someone and see if it still has the same issue.

    Post all your specs if you don't mind.
  2. It all ways doesn't have to complicated. the problem can be simple. What kind of case do u use?? Some times If the case doesn't have paint coated inside, the m/b shorts....
  3. sunny, if the motherboard were shorted to ground, it wouldn't boot the second time.

    skora is right. If your system is overclocked, it may not like one or more of the settings.

    Next step is to substitute a known good PSU of similar ratings
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